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SRLA Science Lab 



Hands on learning through lab experiments, online lab simulations, online assessments, interactive online resources/references, online collaboration and  presentations


Research Oriented

Open resources, extensive use of online resources, references, Project- based and Problem- based Instruction, 

Improve student achievement across the curriculum with focus on student research on environmental and earth systems



Collaborative endeavors where teachers, students, and scientists worldwide meet to learn and share their findings around the world based on central topics of research/study

        Contribute to scientific understanding of the earth as a system and inspire the next generation of global scientists

      Community involvement through global collaboration around environmental issue


        Promote teaching and learning of science that enhances environmental literacy and stewardship, and promote scientific discovery    

     Enhance awareness and support activities working to benefit the environment worldwide

                             "We're all in this together." 


Middle School Science

Course Description

Welcome to Middle School Science.  This is an integrated science course, covering Life Science, Physical Science, Environmental Science, and Earth and Space Science. 

The course is project and problem based, and the learning hands on. Lessons are organized into thematic units. Each unit of study emphasizes scientific inquiry, problem solving and critical thinking, knowledge synthesis, and active participation in the living systems that exist around us. We will work on authentic projects to understand real world issues and problems on a local, national and global scale. These projects will require a considerable amount of collaboration among students, teachers, and scientists. We will build, design, create, explore, discuss, and analyze on a daily basis and will constantly challenge ourselves as learners.

Go over the LINKS to get acquainted with the nature, content, requirements and guidelines of the course. 

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