Course Description

Welcome to 8th Grade Science.  This is an integrated science course, covering Life Science, Earth and Space Science, Environmental Science, and with special emphasis given to Physical Science. The course is project and problem based, and the learning hands on. Lessons are organized into thematic units. Each unit of study emphasizes scientific inquiry, problem solving and critical thinking, knowledge synthesis, and active participation in the living systems that exist around us.

This is your electronic notebook. It was designed and created to provide you with an interactive learning resource in 8th grade science. Links to websites and files will help you navigate through the processes, guidelines, and requirements of the course. Online resources present a wide range of materials to help you acquire the knowledge and scientific inquiry skills necessary to learn and do science. Links to Virtual Labs and Simulations will help you visualize and comprehend difficult and abstract scientific concepts. Exercises and practice tests are also available to help reinforce lessons and concepts learned.

Requirements are submitted online at


Biomes Project

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