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Students are assigned homework on a regular basis and are expected to turn it in on the specified due date.

Homework will be graded for completeness, neatness, and accuracy. Late submission will incur a deduction of the HW grade for each day the work is late.



Scheduled Homework Assignments

* Homework Assignment will be posted on the science blog page every Monday or the first school day of the week


* Weekly Science News Article is due every Monday with the following guidelines:

Read 1 science news article from the list of science magazines and publications in this link:


Follow the format below:


Title of Article:

Source: [provide the web address / link]

1st paragraph – Summarize the news article

2nd paragraph – State three things you’ve learned, and one question you have, about the article.


* Readings, researches are assigned on a regular basis inclusive of guidelines and guide questions.


* Follow the format below in all homework assignments




   Topic / Subject:

   References / Sources:  



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