Projects / Laboratory Activities


Much of the time in class will be spent on projects and laboratory activities. Projects are done on individual and cooperative learning basis that explore real world issues and problems, use different learning styles, and reinforce multiple intelligences and critical thinking skills.

A sampling of the projects and lab work that will be done in class are posted in the curriculum calendar of each grade. Real time lab work. as well as virtual lab, provides a hands on learning environment for students that is essential to an  engaging and indepth science learning.

Projects constitute 30% of final grade. All laboratory work are considered as performance assessment, and together with tests and other forms of assessment, constitute 60% of the final grade.

Click here to view some of the science projects and activities. 


Science Lab


Cell Division

Virtual Cell

Virtual Pond

Tissues of Life

Habitat Design

Virtual Dissection


Microscopy 2

Virtual Microscope 

Virtual Lab

Virtual Lab 2

Virtual Dissection



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