Planting Science Project: To be posted in your wikispaces  group account:

1.        From the webcast:

a.   Make an entry in your wikispaces account about the information you    gathered from the webcast.

b.   Answer the following guide questions and post these in your wikispaces.

What is Polar Science? Brief background info: what is it about; who founded it and why; who are the current organizers/scientists working on the program/project; what are their goals/mission;

[Post some interview questions with the scientists in the Polar Science blog for answers to the questions above. This way you can quote them on some interesting anecdotes and personal profile of the scientists in your wiki.]

2.  What are you as a group working on? What are your objectives for undertaking this online collaborative research project?

3.       Research materials on focus topic.

4.       Go over the rubric for grading this collaborative project found on the link below: