Click on the link below to explore the nervous system. Document all answers to the questions in your zoho notebook or writer.

Should the site ask for a username and password, it is ms wage and the password is strose.

Instructions & Questions:

1.      1.  Click on the Lab. Do the interactive activities, MRI and EEG. Using a MRI sagittal and coronal image of the brain, how does an adult female brain compare to an infant, adolescent, and senor brain? Which plane [coronal, axial, sagittal] provides a clear view of the different parts of the brain? If you were a neurologist, which MRI scan would work best in studying an ageing brain with Alzhiemers disease? Why?

2. Using the EEG scan, compare the brain activities when exposed to visual or tactile stimuli. In what part of the brain does the visual processing take place? Tactile? Compare the levels of brain activity on the different regions of the brain when afflicted with different diseases. How does a  normal brain compare to a diseased brain? Compare at least 4 conditions found in the selection.

2.      3.  Click on Games. Do the Memory, Reaction Timer, and Optical Illusions games. Compare your reaction time with that of your classmates. Who has a faster reflex than you? Slower reflex than you?

3.       4. Click on the hologram and explore the different senses. Go over the exercises for each sense. Record your observations. For example: Which animal has the best vision? Why; How does the eye see different colors? How does the eye react to light? How does the ear work? How does a normal ear hear as compared to an infected ear? etc.,

      5. Click on Optics Bench. Explore the science of light.