Use the link below to complete the following:
user name: ms wage  password: strose

Use your zoho notebook or writer to document your work.
1. Click on the thermometer activity.What happens to the water particles as energy is added? Explain how the alcohol particles in the thermometer rises and falls as energy is added or taken away.
2. Click on the Particles of Solid, Liquid and Gas. Compare the particles that make up solid, liquid and gas water and lead. What happens to the particles as heat is added? Click on the Show Phase Change and observe what happens? In a sentence, describe the relationship between temperature and the change in the phase or state of matter.
3. Click on Explore Dissolving. Observe the process of dissolving sugar and sodium bicarbonate. Explain how dissolving sugar particles is different from dissolving sodium bicarbonate particles.
4. Click on the Gas In a Syringe and Energy by Collision activities. Describe your observations.

Jan 6
On your 6th Grade web page, click on the Science E Textbook and go to Chapter 9: Properties & Changes of Matter. Read the Lesson Summary on Properties of Matter. Click on the E Journal and answer the questions / exercises.