Tuesday - Jan 5
Click on the links below to complete the class work:
for the link above [third link], click on the herbarium / baby hippo icon and type in user name: ms wage ;password: strose

Post your work in zoho writer or notebook.
a. How are the leaves different from one another?
b. Why are there variations in leaf shapes, sizes, structure?
c. Explain how plants benefit from these variations?
d. What are seeds?
e. What are the important parts of a seed?
f. What would account for the variations in seed sizes and shapes?
g. What is a flower?
h. What are the parts of a flower and what are their functions?
i. Click on the flower / pollinator and do the interactive activity/game.
   How does the structure of the flower matches with its pollinator?

Wednesday - Jan 6
Watch the videos in the Nature website to answer the following questions:
If the videos do not work or load, the article should be sufficient to answer thr questions below
a. Name and describe at least three adaptation mechanisms that plants have in order to survive.
b. Describe different ways plants are able to migrate or move to other places to ensure survival.
c. What roles do other organisms play in the survival of plant species? Explain at least 3 example how interdependence   among different organisms ensure the survival of these organisms.