Photo Essay on BP's oil spill along the Gulf of Mexico
Prepare a photo essay on the recent oil spill incident using zoho show or wiki.
Using photos and captions, provide the following information regarding the oil spill:

What measures have been undertaken to remedy the problem? Explain the chemicals and procedures used to clean up the oil spill.

What kinds of biological and physical cleanup methods are used in spills, and how effective are they?

What are the immediate and long term consequences of the oil spills?

How do oil spills affect animal and plant life? Provide actual data or pictures.

What were some of the biggest oil spills in history, and what were their consequences? List five.
Survey at least 15 people on the questions below:

Do you think we should stop drilling for oil and concentrate on green alternative energy sources instead?
What would you propose as alternatives to remedy or meet our increasing need for energy sources?

suggested references:

NOAA Emergency Response

NOAA Image Gallery