These classroom rules and procedures aim to foster active group learning, and productive independent research. Rules and procedures are designed to create a classroom climate of respect and encouragement, where all students feel compelled to contribute to classroom learning.

·    Show respect at all times. We will create a safe and respectful classroom environment.

·    Be in your seat ready to learn when class begins.  Check the board for any warm-up activities or instructions.

·    No verbal or physical disruptions during silent work time or class discussions.

·    To maintain safety, keep feet, books, bags, and other objects out of the walkway. Put backpacks in designated place. 

·    Listen to instructions, and FOLLOW DIRECTIONS.

·    Clean up work area before leaving. 

·   REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE                                                                                                                                        

No handouts will be given out from this website.              

One of the main objectives of creating this website is not only to provide interactive learning, but also to promote the responsible use of resources by going PAPERLESS.


SCHOOL SUPPLIES*    * Textbook [to be used and kept at HOME at all times]

* 1 Notebook

* 5 pencils [mechanical pencil are allowed]

* Safety goggles [in a Ziploc bag]


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